The True Story

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For those of you who want to know more about the real protagonists of the story here are a few links to help you along in your search.

Andrew Cunanan

Cunanan & Versace


What the Site is About

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Nothing in his behavior fits the profile of a killer but one day, in a moment of passion, he accidentally murders his lover. The subsequent killing spree leaves five people dead. Mack’s motives are a mystery and his crimes will leave criminologists in a state of panic.

How it all started

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Welcome to the Pay-For-Play site.


The story stems  from Andrew Cunanan killing spree in the 1990s.


Since reading about his background, I have found his life extremely fascinating and after reading a short recount of his last three months alive, I felt sure Cunanan was a 98% people-pleasing personality.


So how does an individual so intent on pleasing people in every action he takes turn into a spree killer?


This is my take on it.


Enjoy and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.